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I teach investors how to properly invest in real estate using Section 8 government programs.

About Dr. Joe

Dr. Joseph Asamoah, MBA, Ph.D., is a leading property investment strategist. He owns a real estate investment conglomerate with an impressive portfolio of superior homes in the Washington Metropolitan area.
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Listen In: 30+ Rentals In A Pricy Real Estate Marketing

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  • Go behind the scenes of a renovation project and look over Dr. Joe’s shoulder as he completes a deal from start to finish. 
  • 12 LIVE ONLINE sessions provide a real-time, intensive look into the fine details of investing.
  • Benefits include: small-group online mentorship from Dr. Joe–a 30-year investor, credit repair advice and guidance, a credibility kit template, a deep dive understanding of all aspects of investing from finding a deal to securing a tenant, access to experts including lenders, and MUCH MORE. 
JV Real Estate Program

Learn how to invest in real estate and profit.

Dr. Joe is a master real estate investor and advisor with over 30 years of experience, ready to help you build wealth through real estate. 

Top Real Estate Tips

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How To

Real Estate Follow Along

In this 5-part series, Dr. Joe Asamoah, walks you through the initial stages of rehabbing a new investment. Follow along as we walkthrough a property …

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fix and flip real estate investing
Real Estate Investment

Fix And Flip vs. Buy And Hold

As many people will tell you, the real estate market is incredibly volatile, subject to radical change at a moment’s notice. But for a lot …

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Uhland Terrace
Real Estate Analysis

Will It Be A Deal? Or No Deal?

Reality Check Lots of us have heard about seemingly fantastic real estate deals. Someone who’s able to purchase a $300K property for $180K: that must …

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Dr. Joe goes live every Wednesday at 7 pm. EST on his social media platforms.  Learn in-depth real estate material not found in any real estate investing book.

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Recent Real Estate Investments

We frequently use the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) when we look for new investments. If you are interested in learning more about the BRRRR method, please read our post on Bigger Pockets® (click here)

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