Washington, DC | November 3, 2019
2019/11/03 20:45:55
FREE Joint Venture Program Open House & Networking Event

About this Event

Join me, Dr. Joe Asamoah, for a tour of my latest completed rehab project and connect with us for networking and deal making. Meet other investors who may be looking to partner, meet deal finders, contractors, and the people you need on your team to jump start your dream of Owning Your Future!

I’ll also be sharing details on how YOU can participate in my upcoming (starting mid-Nov.) D.C. Buy, Rehab and Hold project, which is part of my Joint Venture Program!

The Joint Venture Program is a six-month renovation project that I personally lead where the real world of investing becomes your classroom. I meet with my students twice a month at the property to take them behind the scenes of each phase of a BRRRR project– from analyzing a deal to leasing up a tenant. You’ll get to see and experience what I do in real time, boots on the ground AND be part of my team as we navigate the good, bad and ugly of a major rehab project.

You’ll learn how to assess deals (go/no go), fund your deals, manage contractors, problem solve, make key design decisions, screen tenants wisely, CASH FLOW quickly, and GAIN MAXIMUM ROI to build wealth! You’ll also discover why my business model is recession proof!

The Joint Venture Program also gives you access! As a student, you’ll have an opportunity to leverage my resources, key relationships and my 30 years of expertise.

So, join me at my Joint Venture Open House and learn more about my unique program that takes you out of the books and videos and lets you learn by doing!