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Dr. Joe has been investing in real estate for THREE DECADES and has cracked the code on how to retire wealthy with real estate. Now, he is teaching YOU his secrets, so you can do the same! Continue learning NOW by watching video #2!

Video #2 - Is NOW the best time to get started in real estate?

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Want to learn how to retire wealthy in real estate? Watch EACH of the upcoming videos in the series to LEARN THE SECRETS of real estate wealth creation from an expert!

Video 2

With the current market is this a good time to get into RE investing?

Video 3

Which business model do you teach and why?

Video 4

I have limited income and challenged credit - what is the best way to start investing?

Video 5

Who is the JV Experience for and what makes it unique?

Video 6

How can I find a deal in this competitive market and what can I do?

Video 7

What kind of support or coaching do you recommend for new investors?

Video 8

What real estate investing strategies are almost guaranteed to work in almost any market?

Video 9

What’s the best way of overcoming fears about doing my first investing deal?

Video 10

What’s the best way to build my real estate investing team and network?

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Dr. Joe Asamoah

Real Estate Expert and Coach

Joe Asamoah, MBA, PHD, known as Dr. Joe, is a leading real estate investor and mentor with over 30 years of experience. He owns a large real estate portfolio in one of the highest-priced U.S. markets. Dr. Joe has trained hundreds of students and is passionate about teaching others how to invest in real estate to build wealth.

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