Joint Venture Program

Do you want to invest in properties, but don’t know how or where to start? I know just how you feel. I almost lost my shirt on my first deal decades ago. That’s why I created the Joint Venture (JV) Program to help you avoid rookie mistakes.

The JV Program is a unique, exclusive opportunity to look over my shoulder as I buy an investment property and lead a major renovation project. Most people won’t do a deal unless they reach a certain level of psychological readiness.

By watching me, JV participants get to see how an experienced investor with a 30-year track record of success makes deals happen. They follow the deal from start to finish, ask questions along the way, and see firsthand the good, the bad, and the ugly  of what it takes to transform a home into a valuable asset.


Program Benefits:

  • Learn how to analyze a deal and plan an exit strategy in ways that maximize returns
  • Watch an experienced investor manage an entire renovation project
  • Assist in decision making concerning the project as part of a team
  • Discover ways to keep a renovation on time and on budget
  • Build relationships among people in the industry
  • Potentially leverage key relationships and resources of the expert (financial institutions, realtors, contractors, etc.)
  • Receive expert guidance on your own investment deals

As part of my program, JV participants have access to a local investor who is well versed in the Washington, DC housing market. I know the neighborhoods and the projected shifts in the market.

We won’t get to know each other in some stuffy meeting room while I bombard you with tired sales tactics. We’ll meet at my investment properties in the D.C. area to strategize, talk shop, and network. Bottom line, you get to participate in real-world deals and experience the rehab process in real time.


Program Structure:

Participants receive a summary document that describes the as-is condition of the list house along with the property features and includes the numbers, photographs, the type of rehab that is planned, and the exit strategy.

At the start of a project, meetings are held twice a month at the renovation site. Depending on the size of the renovation, projects generally run from three to six months. Some run slightly longer. An average class size is about 25 people from diverse backgrounds and industries.


Program Entry:

There are four potential ways to be considered for entry into the program:

  • Deal Finders – wholesalers, brokers, real estate agents, bird dogs and other individuals who have access to viable real estate leads and bring a deal into the program
  • Private Investors – individuals with capital to invest in real estate
  • Professionals – specialists in specified industries who can propose use of their expert skills and services in a capacity that is beneficial to the program or the Legacy Investment Network (e.g., marketers, videographers, social media experts, etc.)
  • Students – individuals who desire to learn the investment model and prefer to pay an entry fee to take part in the program

Those interested in the JV Program can fill out an application for consideration. Someone will follow up with you to discuss your application. Prior to selection, you will be requested to attend a workshop or JV meeting.


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