Figuring out how to attract tier one renters can seem overwhelming and even impossible for any landlord. But there is a solution. Dr. Joe’s FREE webinar, The Tenant Screening Playbook: How to Find Good Tenants that Pay & Stay.

Watch the Webinar:

This FREE webinar is perfect for beginners and seasoned landlords who need expert strategies and insights on how to find good tenants.

  • Must-have key words for your ad to attract tier one tenants.
  • The important amenities tier one tenants look for.
  • Open houses and what you should do to make your property stand out above the rest.
  • Key things to have on your rental application.
  • Two things you MUST do besides checking credit and job references to verify information and MORE.
Become a landlord that can compete for tier one tenants and win.
Hosted By:
Joe Asamoah | Real Estate Investor

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