The Section 8 Playbook with Dr. Joe

The Section 8 Playbook with Dr. Joe is the most comprehensive online short course for real estate investors who want to learn and succeed in using the Section 8 strategy.

About The Course

The Section 8 Program allows private landlords to rent homes at fair market rates to qualified low-income tenants. Through this course, Dr. Joe will share his business model and teach you the unique systems and strategies he uses to make money and make a difference as a Section 8 landlord.

Course Curriculum and Structure

There are four weekly, information-packed sessions coming soon

Each session runs two hours and includes handouts, including Dr. Joe’s 8-page tenant application, valued at $399.

How To Think Differently & Master Section 8 Like a Pro!


10:00 am to 12:00 pm (EDT)

What is Section 8, common misconceptions, myth busting, why Section 8, common mistakes,

insider secrets, voucher types, the Section 8 process, roles and responsibilities, HUD/PHA,

Caseworkers, the Inspection Department, and more.

How to Select, Prepare, Rent, and Manage Section 8 Rental.


10:00 am to 12:00 pm (EDT)

Understanding your customer, finding the right deals, making your property irresistible, preparing for and passing inspection, marketing your rental, and more.

How to Select & Manage Great, Clean, Respectful Tenants.


10:00 am to 12:00 pm (EDT)

Screen prospective tenants, best practices, completing paperwork, negotiating rent, the lease agreement, HUD-Landlord contract, the HAP contract, pre-move in activities, and more.

How To Autopilot Your Section 8 Operations.



10:00 am to 12:00 pm (EDT)


Collecting rents, annual (or bi-annual) inspections, tenant relations, property management, change of ownership or management processes, implementing your exit strategy, and more.

Course Benefits

  • Get 4 weeks of direct access to Dr. Joe
  • Learn the systems and insider strategies that made Dr. Joe millions
  • Learn how to effectively navigate government bureaucracy, avoid mistakes, and build win-win relationships with agency decision makers
  • Be eligible to win a one-hour, private coaching session with Dr. Joe valued at $2,500
dr joe teaching real estate investors

Dr. Joe’s track record of Section 8 success

  • Guaranteed income paid by the government on 30+ properties on time, every month without fail.
  • Survival through 4 recession cycles.
  • A growing, thriving business during Covid.
  • Tenants that stay at least 10 -20+ years and keep their rental homes in beautiful condition.
  • Systems and strategies developed over 30 years that cut through government red tape
  • The ability to change lives by renting safe, affordable housing in desirable, gentrifying neighborhoods to low-income families

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