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Dr. Joe is a master real estate investor and advisor with over 30 years of experience, ready to help you build wealth through real estate.

His big city BRRRR strategies have taught hundreds of students how to manage cash flow and gain asset appreciation the right way.

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How Joe helps investors succeed in real estate.


The best way to learn how to do an REI deal is to see how it’s done in real time. Step outside of the classroom and into the real world of real estate to look over Dr. Joe’s shoulder. Watch and learn.


Doing deals with expert guidance along the way gives you greater peace of mind. Avoid rookie REI mistakes by having Dr. Joe on your team as you do your deal. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


Join an exclusive group of investors who have access to Dr. Joe’s monthly calls, articles, in person master classes & networking sessions. His valuable, proven insights will help you start and scale your real estate business!

See some of the stories Joe’s pupils have to tell.


As a new investor I was looking for an opportunity to get some insight on how things work behind the scenes. The JV program has given me the opportunity for that and so much more!”

Emmanuel Jean-Francois


“Being in JV Program and seeing the BRRR process be carried out effectively in real time has helped minimize my fears and helped me gain confidence about rehabbing a property and undergoing the process myself. Additionally, being around like minded people that want to succeed in real estate and that have succeeded has increased my internal thermostat to want to succeed.”

Bryan Malonga

Emily Howlett

My experience with Dr. Joe’s JV program has been incredible. Being an investor and a real estate agent, the program has provided me with new ideas on how to invest my money as well as how to help my clients invest. Dr. Joe is very approachable, and he makes it clear that he is committed to all the participants’ success. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning more about the process of rehabbing properties and building long-term wealth.”

Emily Howlett

The Joint Venture Program

Do you want to invest in properties, but don’t know how or where to start? I know just how you feel. I almost lost my shirt on my first deal decades ago. That’s why I created the Joint Venture (JV) Program to help you avoid rookie mistakes.

The JV Program is a unique, exclusive opportunity to look over my shoulder as I buy an investment property and lead a major renovation project. Most people won’t do a deal unless they reach a certain level of psychological readiness.