You can build wealth through real estate.

Dr. Joe teaches new and next level investors how to start, stabilize and scale a successful real estate investment business.

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The Instant Investor E-Course Series​


Led by Dr. Joe Asamoah, the Instant Investor E-course Series teaches new and next-level investors how to start, stabilize or scale a real estate investment business. There are 8 modules of download on demand learning to show you how to find, fund and finalize a deal. That way, you get to learn at your pace, your way.


From Shark Tank Co-Host, Barbara Corcoran

“Joe Asamoah is a real winner. His real estate expertise and business savvy… his passion for helping underprivileged families, his unique success strategy, and the advice he shares is useful to investors at any level.” – Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul from Shark Tank.

About Dr. Joe

Joe Asamoah, MBA, PHD, known as Dr. Joe, is a leading real estate investor and mentor with over 30 years of experience. He owns a large real estate portfolio in one of the highest-priced U.S. markets. Dr. Joe has trained hundreds of students and is passionate about teaching others how to invest in real estate to build wealth.

What We Offer


The best way to learn how to do a deal is to see how it’s done in real time. Step outside of the classroom and into the real world of real estate investing to look over Dr. Joe’s shoulder.


Doing deals with expert guidance along the way gives you greater peace of mind. Avoid rookies mistakes by having Dr. Joe on your team as you do your deal.


Level up by joining an exclusive group of investors who have access to Dr Joe’s monthly calls, articles, master classes & networking sessions. His valuable proven insights will help you start and scale your real estate business!


Short and long-term private investors earn high returns, learn and get an opportunity to see how their investments are being used. 


Bryan Malonga
Bryan Malonga
JV Program
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“Being in JV Program and seeing the BRRR process be carried out effectively in real time has helped minimize my fears and helped me gain confidence about rehabbing a property and undergoing the process myself. Additionally, being around like-minded people that want to succeed in real estate and that have succeeded has increased my internal thermostat to want to succeed.”
John Doe
John Doe
JV Program
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“As a new investor I was looking for an opportunity to get some insight on how things work behind the scenes. The JV program has given me the opportunity for that and so much more!”
Emily Howlett
Emily Howlett
JV Program
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"My experience with Dr. Joe's JV program has been incredible. Being an investor and a real estate agent, the program has provided me with new ideas on how to invest my money as well as how to help my clients invest. Dr. Joe is very approachable, and he makes it clear that he is committed to all the participants' success. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning more about the process of rehabbing properties and building long-term wealth."
Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.
JV Program
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"After seeing Dr. Joe on the Bigger Pockets webcast and understanding his method of using the BRRRR strategy to create cash flow I was so impressed by what I heard that I immediately found him on IG & FB and signed up for his JV Program even though I’m in NY and the JV’s in D.C."

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Featured Programs

The JV program​

  • Go behind the scenes of a renovation project and look over Dr. Joe’s shoulder as he completes a deal from start to finish. 
  • 12 LIVE ONLINE sessions provide a real-time, intensive look into the fine details of investing.
  • Benefits include: small-group online mentorship from Dr. Joe–a 30-year investor, credit repair advice and guidance, a credibility kit template, a deep dive understanding of all aspects of investing from finding a deal to securing a tenant, access to experts including lenders, and MUCH MORE. 
JV Real Estate Program

JV Peer Program

The Joint Venture Peer Program is a 3-month renovation project that allows students watch and learn as a former student takes the leap to become a first-time investor. You get to: watch a JV alum complete their first deal from start to finish, be part of a small group online learning environment, get direct access to Dr. Joe, and get access to tools and templates used by the pros.

Top Real Estate Tips

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Real Estate Follow Along

In this 5-part series, Dr. Joe Asamoah, walks you through the initial stages of rehabbing a new investment. Follow along as we walkthrough a property …

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Real Estate Investment

Fix And Flip vs. Buy And Hold

As many people will tell you, the real estate market is incredibly volatile, subject to radical change at a moment’s notice. But for a lot …

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Uhland Terrace
Real Estate Analysis

Will It Be A Deal? Or No Deal?

Reality Check Lots of us have heard about seemingly fantastic real estate deals. Someone who’s able to purchase a $300K property for $180K: that must …

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Engage with Dr. Joe

Wealth Wednesday

Wealth Wednesday is a weekly, hour-long live stream on Instagram and Facebook. Dr. Joe offers advice to investors who want to learn about trending real estate topics and get expert strategies. Each week, Dr. Joe shares relevant experiences and engages with viewers during  lively Q&A segments.

Get Real with Dr. Joe on @Biggerpockets

Dr. Joe hoosts a popular, national livestream show on the BiggerPockets social media platforms. The program delves into market trends and brings viewers mainstream investor stories and interviews with celebrity guests who share valuable insight on how they became successful in real estate.

Recent Real Estate Investments

We frequently use the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) when we look for new investments. If you are interested in learning more about the BRRRR method, please read our post on Bigger Pockets®.

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