Why do you need guidance from an expert investor? To minimize your risk. You need to know how to spot a deal, structure a deal, negotiate, plan for your new property, renovate it in record time, and receive an attractive return. Whether you’re an investor, a wholesaler, or someone with viable professional skills, my Legacy Investment Network will help you connect with others who care about securing wealth for their future, and I’ll personally teach you my unique strategy at no cost. As part of my Legacy Investment Network, here’s how you can connect with me and other expert wealth builders in person, as well as gain practical insight into the real estate market:

Coffee & Conversations

Anyone with an interest in property investing can join my absolutely FREE monthly Meetup gatherings at coffee houses around the DMV to:

  • Get critical advice on deals and rehab projects
  • Share information on the market
  • Network with like-minded real estate wealth-builders

Rehab Workshops

Learn what it takes to turn an ugly house into a beautiful home. We review the good, the bad and the ugly along with many lessons learned. The sessions are free, open to the public and 100% educational. There are no hidden agendas and no selling. More importantly, the events are great opportunities to meet and network.

The Joint Venture “JV” Program

The JV Program is designed for individuals with investment capital, deal finders, and professionals with specialty skills and services. As part of this 100% FREE, “invitation-only” program, you join an exclusive community of wealth builders who receive private coaching, partner with me on deals, and go behind-the-scenes of projects. Click Here for more information and to apply.

Members of my Legacy Investment Network also receive my monthly blog, “Confessions of a Property Investor” and email notices of my upcoming events to include appearances at seminars, panel discussions, and other real estate-related networking events in and around the DMV.