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What We Offer

The JV Program

A 6-8 month renovation-to-rental BRRRR project in Washington, DC led by Dr. Joe

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Deal Analysis

Let Dr. Joe help you on your upcoming deal.

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Dr. Joe provides end-to-end advisement and guidance on client projects, and also is available to consult on specific phases of a project.


Dr. Joe mentors and motivates JV alums to help them apply what they have learned.

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12 On-demand, stand-alone courses covering each phase of the JV Program.

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Free one-hour learning sessions covering various REI subjects.

fix and flip real estate investing


A monthly service designed to offer more advanced information & access. The subscription ($199) includes a workbook, pre-recorded monthly calls, private events, access to resources, exclusive deals, and access to critical documents

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Specialty Videos

Subscribe to Dr. Joe’s Youtube channel showcasing his latest BRRRR projects.

Benefits Of Joining The JV Program.



Bryan Malonga
Bryan Malonga
JV Program
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“Being in JV Program and seeing the BRRR process be carried out effectively in real time has helped minimize my fears and helped me gain confidence about rehabbing a property and undergoing the process myself. Additionally, being around like-minded people that want to succeed in real estate and that have succeeded has increased my internal thermostat to want to succeed.”
John Doe
John Doe
JV Program
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“As a new investor I was looking for an opportunity to get some insight on how things work behind the scenes. The JV program has given me the opportunity for that and so much more!”
Emily Howlett
Emily Howlett
JV Program
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"My experience with Dr. Joe's JV program has been incredible. Being an investor and a real estate agent, the program has provided me with new ideas on how to invest my money as well as how to help my clients invest. Dr. Joe is very approachable, and he makes it clear that he is committed to all the participants' success. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning more about the process of rehabbing properties and building long-term wealth."
Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.
JV Program
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"After seeing Dr. Joe on the Bigger Pockets webcast and understanding his method of using the BRRRR strategy to create cash flow I was so impressed by what I heard that I immediately found him on IG & FB and signed up for his JV Program even though I’m in NY and the JV’s in D.C."
dr joe teaching real estate investors
(hands on training)
(go through a complete deal)
fix and flip real estate investing
(rehab a complete property)

The JV Program

Own Your Future

The Joint Venture Program runs for an estimated 6-8 months, allowing you to see the entire span of a deal from end-to-end (initial transaction, renovation, and tenant move in).

Joint Venture Program participants typically meet twice per month throughout the project.

  • Meetings are virtual via Facebook Live and Zoom.
  • There are 12 JV Program sessions. 
  • Sessions normally occur Saturday afternoons.
  • There may be a limited number of times when a session occurs on a weekday evening if Dr. Joe deems that a particular activity would add value to the learning experience. 
  • However, we do attempt to provide ample notice prior to an impromptu session.

Dr. Joe streams live from the property. You will be provided a private session link to access the meeting. As part of a JV team, you will be able to document the project over time and reference the successful experience when you request funding for your own deals. Contact us to request more information or schedule a free, 30-minute appointment.

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We Offer Over The Shoulder Training

Hear from JV program student Antionetta on how she improved her real estate investing experience. 

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