Led by Dr. Joe Asamoah, The Instant Investor Course Series teaches new and next-level investors how to start, stabilize or scale a real estate investment business.

At each step of the way I will guide you, at your own pace, on:

  • Finding a property perfect for your experience level
  • Determining the improvements needed to make it a quality home
  • Attracting and vetting prospects to find tier-1 tenants

With this course you can start to build wealth and make a difference in your community.  It’s all just a click away. Why wait? 

“I can teach you how to do a deal like an expert.” -Dr. Joe

You become a real estate investor the moment you take action on your investment dreams, whether it’s getting your credit in order or educating yourself on the current market.
The question becomes, are you taking the RIGHT steps that will lead you to the kind of success that will get you out of debt , free up your time, and allow you to build personal wealth?
What are the experts doing and how can you do the same thing? The Instant Investor Series shows you how to do a deal from start to finish, with strategies that veteran investors use to be successful.

What Will You Get When You Sign Up?

Access Insider Secrets

Just about anyone can get into real estate investing, but there is certain information that can give you an edge, provided that you are willing to combine these “insider secrets” with diligence and good old-fashioned hard work.

Practical & Easy to Follow

The Instant Investor E-course Series is a practical, easy-to-follow program that teaches you how to find, fund and finalize a deal.

Find out where the best deals are. Learn how to run the numbers as you watch onscreen, step-by-step how to use an analyzer tool. The Instant Investor E-course Series is an immersive viewer experience.

Boost Productivity

Get little-known strategies that veteran investors use to secure competitive financing, maximize cash flow and get great productivity. Also access key systems that can help your business. If you want more than a surface education in real estate investing, you need The Instant Investor Series.

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