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Discover The Secret to Retiring Wealthy In Real Estate

Because this program is so comprehensive, our average new student buys their first property within 6 months of completing the JV Program!

join me for the jv programa paypal payment plan is available!

Here’s What Our Past Students Have To Say…

I have taught HUNDREDS of students nationwide and they all have one thing in common – before they started, they were stuck because they had NO CLUE how to create wealth in real estate and once they finished the program, they IMMEDIATELY started designing their future!

Greg and KrissyGreg and Krissy had questions – just like you – but decided to join the JV Program anyway. The experience changed their lives and YOU can get the same result! All you have to do is click the button below to get started!

JOIN ME FOR THE JV PROGRAMa paypal Payment plan is available!

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us

Dr. Joe has taught HUNDREDS, but ONLY mentors his JV Students to help ensure their success! If you are still on the fence about this program (and I don’t know why you would be) keep in mind, the average new student will purchase a home within 6 months of the program, simply because of Dr. Joe’s constant guidance and encouragement. This is what JV Program Alumni have to say…


Real Estate Agent and Investor

“…Being an investor and real estate agent… My experience with Dr. Joe’s JV Program has been incredible.”


New Investor

“Being in the JV Program… has helped minimize my fears and gain confidence about rehabbing a property.”

Secure Your Access to the Training Now

Once you complete the JV Program, you will have all the information, resources and motivation necessary to purchase their next home and Dr. Joe will mentor you through the entire process! You won’t find a program this comprehensive elsewhere for less than $20,000!

Dr. Joe’s 6 month JV Program is only:


Exclusive student deal analyzer tools*A 997 valueAccess to Dr. Joe’s Funding SourcesSmall Group TrainingDeep Dive on R.E. Wealth CreationPayment Plan Available – Get Info NOW!get started now!paypal payment plan available

I joined the JV Program even though I’m in NY and the JV is in D.C., and I can certainly say it has been worth every penny – amazing!

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Cheryl B

New York, NY

My Money Back Guarantee

If you attend the first three sessions, complete all the required lessons and STILL think this program is not for you, I will gladly refund your purchase and you’ll get to keep any of the lesson materials and bonuses as my gift to you. This is TRULY a no risk offer, so register for the JV Program today!

About Your Host

Dr. Joe Asamoah

Real Estate Expert and Mentor

Joe Asamoah, MBA, PHD, known as Dr. Joe, is a leading real estate investor and mentor with over 30 years of experience. He owns a large real estate portfolio in one of the highest-priced U.S. markets. Dr. Joe has trained hundreds of students and is passionate about teaching others how to invest in real estate to build wealth.

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The Joint Venture Program runs for an estimated 6-8 months, allowing you to see the entire span of a deal from end-to-end (initial transaction, renovation, and tenant move in). Joint Venture Program participants typically meet twice per month throughout the project. Meetings are virtual via Facebook Live and Zoom. Once done, students will have all the information, resources and motivation necessary to purchase their next home!

get started now!paypal payment plan available!

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