The Joint Venture Program



The Joint Venture Program runs for an estimated 6-8 months, allowing you to see the entire span of a deal from end-to-end (initial transaction, renovation, and tenant move in). Joint Venture Program participants typically meet twice per month throughout the project. Meetings are virtual via Facebook Live and Zoom.There are 12 JV Program sessions. Sessions normally occur Saturday afternoons. There may be a limited number of times when a session occurs on a weekday evening if Dr. Joe deems that a particular activity would add value to the learning experience. However, we do attempt to provide ample notice prior to an impromptu session. Dr. Joe streams live from the property. You will be provided a private session link to access the meeting. As part of a JV team, you will be able to document the project over time and reference the successful experience when you request funding for your own deals. Sign up now for our next program or schedule an appointment to speak to one of our JV representatives.

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