The Section 8 Playbook With Dr. Joe


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Landlords and short-term rental investors are losing money. Some are spending thousands of
dollars paying the mortgage on their income properties; others have had to sell or have lost their
investments to foreclosure. Why? Because of negative impact from Covid and from market
renters that move out every few years.

How much money is your real estate investments costing you? What can you do to stop the
bleeding in your finances?

The solution is Section 8.


Given Covid, moratoriums, rent strikes, high turnover rates, and tenants who can’t pay because
of job loss, Section 8 is proving to be a reliable, stable passive income strategy.
Investors who would not have opted for Section 8 in the past, are now taking notice of its
outstanding benefits and want to learn how to position themselves to make guaranteed money no
matter what happens in the market.

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